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Who We Serve

All Green it is a leading full service Solar provider for homeowners, businesses and government organizations in Connecticut. We provide system design, installation, finance and maintenance services throughout New England. We work with families and business owners who are interested in working together to build a sustainable community. We encourage you to request a free site evaluation today to learn more about what solar voltaic can do for you.

  • Residential

    All Green it meets with homeowners across Connecticut who want to offset their utility bills and protect the environment by implementing renewable energy solutions. Often, we are able to match homeowners with $0 down financial leases and for purchase incentives that make renewable energy even more affordable.

  • Commercial

    We collaborate with commercial customers in Connecticut and throughout New England who want a professional partner in assessing potential ways to conserve and generate energy through renewable sources.

  • Non-Profit

    All Green it understands the unique concerns of non-profits who want to pursue sustainable energy sources but might not be eligible for state and federal incentive programs.


Book a Free Site Evaluation

Schedule an obligation-free site survey to determine if solar is right for your home or business. Call us today!


Financial Incentives

Connecticut's "CT Solar Lease Program" is the first ratepayer-supported program in the country to make solar power accessible to moderate- and low-income residents.