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Recent News Stories

03.10.2015 - Solar Incentives

For the past 25 years, the average energy bill has increased 6.5% and at All Green it we specialize in eliminating unpredictable rate increases. Our customers take control of their energy expenses and upon installation, our expertise with renewable technologies allows our customers to immediately begin saving hard dollars. The CT Solar Lease program requires $0 down to get started and that's... Read More

03.05.2015 - Future of Solar

The future of solar is very bright. We have very lofty expectation, but we are on our way to meeting them. Find out how the amazing benefits of solar that are currently available for you and your family by visiting Solarize Connecticut.  Read More

03.02.2015 - Solarize New Hartford

Solarize New Hartford is part of the Solarize Connecticut program designed to encourage the adoption of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems by deploying a coordinated education, marketing and outreach effort, combined with a tiered pricing structure that provides increased savings to homeowners as more people in one community go solar. Solarize Connecticut is based on a proven... Read More

09.01.2014 - Solar Powered Street Lights

As cities and towns across the US look for ways to cut cost, AllGreenIT Solar is collaborating with partners to provide Solar powered street light solutions. Read More

12.10.2011 - Warren Buffett's PV Solar vote of confidence

The "Oracle of Omaha," who made his fortune by betting on technologies that appear underpriced, is now putting his money into solar. This vote of confidence for the solar industry got a turbo-boost of both name recognition and mainstream credibility on Wednesday as a subsidiary of billionaire Warren Buffett’s investment company MidAmerican Energy Holdings announced plans to... Read More

11.01.2011 - On-Site Generation Projects

If your business or institution is serious about installing an on-site renewable energy system, CEFIA can help you pay for the generating equipment through its OSDG Program. The OSDG Program helps finance the installation of systems that generate electricity from the sun, wind, fuel cells, biomass, landfill gas and river flows. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity Read More

05.04.2011 - AllGreenIT Launches New Website

The new site demonstrates the potential of solar voltaic to serve as a catalyst for a more sustainable future, both in terms of reducing consumption but also in terms of creating new jobs in Connecticut, where the company is headquartered. The new site connects residents and business owners with resources to uncover installation incentives and expands on AllGreenIT’s work with... Read More

04.01.2011 - CT Solar Lease Program Available

Connecticut homeowners who are customers of CL&P and UI may qualify. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund program is designed to make solar energy systems available to moderate income Connecticut homeowners. It combines the power of the CCEF solar rebate program with the business tax benefits of solar energy and the expertise of CCEF’s eligible solar installers, which include AllGreenIT.... Read More

03.29.2011 - Boys & Girls Club Program In the Works

AllGreen IT has a concept and has plans to work with the Boys and Girls Club of Bristol on a  program designed to inspire participants to consider careers in the sciences and possibly within the alternative energy field. Boys and girls will be able to tour solar installations and view demonstrations on the energy savings that the arrays generate. AllGreen IT also plans to establish an... Read More

Financial Incentives

Connecticut's "CT Solar Lease Program" is the first ratepayer-supported program in the country to make solar power accessible to moderate- and low-income residents.