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About All Green it

Connecticut's Renewable Energy Resource

All Green it is Connecticut's leading full-service Solar provider for homeowners, businesses and government organizations. We provide system design, installation, finance and maintenance services throughout New England. Founded in March 2008, our company very quickly established several key principles designed to provide our customers alternative renewable solutions that save money and create jobs.

Our professional process and excellent customer service set us apart. From the time customers sign on with All Green it until each installation is complete, a team of professionals will work with you to make sure the process goes smoothly. Headquartered in Bristol, CT, All Green it has established one of the most experienced teams in New England, bringing together NAPCEP certified E1 licensed electricians, PV/Thermal Solar engineers, and experienced installers and financial incentive specialists. As a Connecticut Clean Energy Fund eligible solar installer and leading innovator in the renewable sciences, our company also has a presence at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology located in East Hartford, CT which drives innovation and presents world class career path opportunities.

Renewable Energy Reaches A Tipping Point

Larger commercial customers are making sustainability a competitive and profitable advantage by increasing their operational efficiencies and promoting their sustainable initiatives to clients. We have reached a tipping point in renewable energy. Now is the time to join these leading organizations in identifying millions of dollars in savings from offsetting traditional fossil fuel energy sources to sustainable solutions that reduce emissions.

Beyond promoting renewable energy as a viable alternative to traditional energy, All Green it is dedicated to generating jobs within the state of Connecticut. Every five alternative energy installations we complete provides us the opportunity to create one new job. Our organization is also a supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Bristol, CT, and has a strong commitment to educate and develop a training programs that will introduce alternative energy as a world class career path for young people in our communities.

Focus On Conservation

All Green it begins each project by emphasizing conservation, which helps make homeowners and business owners more aware of their energy consumption. We introduced the Home Energy Solutions audit, which is supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. We perform an energy assessment, make on-the-spot improvements and share money-savings rebates on appliances, HVAC systems and insulation. By reducing energy consumption, All Green it helps homeowners reduce the cost of their alternative energy solutions.