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Solar Voltaic Solutions

Services & Maintenance

All Green it installs a variety of PV Solar electric systems, which are backed with a limited 25-year warranty. The systems are known for their reliability and low maintenance. In fact, some systems installed more than 40 years ago are still performing. In addition to this warranty, All Green it also provides five-year labor warranty on our installations.

Our six-step process ensures that we provide outstanding service that answers all of your questions and provides peace of mind throughout your experience working with us.

1. Site EvaluationSite survey to determine roof slope, orientation, shading, panel location, power distribution and aesthetics

Reduce consumption measures by introducing the HES audit: How Does the Program Work?

Contractor energy assessment services may include the following:

  • A blower-door test which pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks. After they are found, the contractor will professionally seal them during the visit
  • A duct test to assess air leaks within the ductwork system. The technician will seal those significant leaks
  • Hot water-saving measures including low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators will be installed
  • Rebates for qualifying central air conditioning systems and for replacement of certain inefficient appliances with qualifying energy-efficient models
  • Installation of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Incentives for insulation upgrades (electrically heated and natural gas heated homes only)
  • A "kitchen table wrap-up" where the technician will review the work that was done in your home and tell you about additional resources that can help you save energy and money

2. Financial AnalysisCalculation of current rebates and incentives in your local area

  • Energy savings over life of the system
  • Environmental benefits summary

3. Engineering Review

  • Professional CAD drawing to illustrate panel and inverter selections along with system layouts
  • Electrical one-line diagrams provide string and wire sizing, and detailed specifications for the inverters and the interconnection
  • Structural and wind analysis

4. Permit & Rebate Processing

  • Submit and manage all paperwork for federal and state cash incentives, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits

5. System Installation

  • Install mounting systems and equipment
  • Wire electrical components
  • Connect the instrument panel system
  • Install metering
  • Manage inspections with the local utility and building department

6. Service & Ongoing Support

  • Monitor electricity output and performance
  • Marketing support to promote your installation (PR, solar parties)

From the time you sign on with us until your project is complete, you will have a dedicated team of professionals working with you to make sure your installation goes smoothly.

Our team will review suggested maintenance in detail with customers during the installation process. In general, the solar array should be rinsed off periodically with a hose to clear the dust or debris, which blocks the sun and reduces efficiency.