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Solar Voltaic Solutions

What We Offer

We make it simple for people to understand their options and the return on their investment in renewable energy. All Green it provides customers with a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective and efficient installation on your property. Our software products allow customers to remotely monitor the energy generated by their Solar arrays. All Green it remains involved after our initial work is complete, monitoring the system's success for years after the installation and providing free maintenance for the first five years.

OnEnergyTM Roof-Mounted Solar Electric Systems
by Sharp Solar

The OnEnergyTM system is Sharp's custom solution designed to meet your electricity requirements and the specifications of your roof. This allows us to replace the bulky look of traditional roof mounts with a low-profile rack that is designed to blend in with a home's roofline. All Green it, as a Sharp-certified installer, can create a custom solution for homes and businesses, and it can either be installed during new home construction or easily retrofitted on existing roofs.

Building-Integrated Solar Electric Systems by Sharp Solar

When working with flat concrete tile roofs, All Green it recommends the building-integrated modules, which resemble tile shingles. We integrate the solar electrical system with the specific architecture of your building, making your solar electric system nearly invisible.

Ground-Mounted Solar Electric Systems by Sharp Solar

When creating ground arrays on estate properties or other large expanses of land, All Green it uses ground mounts that feature angled modules on steel supports that are anchored in concrete footings.

Software Monitoring Tools by All Green it

All Green it believes in a smarter grid as a key to less consumption as a nation. We have developed software to monitor energy consumption and generation. Customers can access monthly reports through a web-based interface.

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